1. experience-spring-in-japan

    Author: J.J.

    Experience Spring in Japan

    Spring, it’s a time when the cold of winter gives way to warm winds. In most parts of Japan the months of March and April are a time for people to shed their heavy jackets and resu…

  2. working in japan with tattoos

    Author: Yukadon

    Is it true that you cannot get a job if you have a…

    “In Japan, you cannot get a job if you have tattoos.” Have you heard such a stor…

  3. Chocolate lover's trip to Tokyo

    Author: J.J.

    A Chocolate Lover’s Trip through Tokyo

    It's true!Japanese love sweets. Sweets are the usual choice as souvenirs for c…

  4. Japanese vs Western style working office

    Author: Valerie

    East vs. West: Cultural Differences in the Workpla…

    I will share some cultural differences I have noticed based on my personal exper…

  5. festivals in japan - fireworks

    Author: TalentHub

    The Fun in Japan, Part 3 – Festivals and Ent…

    Festivals and events are huge and extremely popular in Japan. Every area has it’…

  6. Photo by su neko on Flickr.

    Author: Bill

    Japan’s Golden Week And How To Endure It

    In addition to New Year in January, and August's Obon Festival (to honour family…

  7. Photo from Pexels.com

    Author: Valerie

    Telecommuting Work “Telework” in Japan

    Source via FlickrWestern civilization is familiar with the idea of…

  8. is-working-in-japan-stressful

    Author: Bill

    Maintaining Your Mental Health In Japan

    There has been a good deal of interest worldwide in recent years over the mental…

  9. Table manners, chopsticks, Japanese food

    Author: J.J.

    Japanese Table Manners

    Living in Japan means eating Japanese food. Working for a Japanese com…

  10. nervous-at-job-interview

    Author: Bill

    How to Deal with Interview Nerves

    In a previous article on interviews for jobs in Japan, we looked at the kinds of…

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    Author: Onomatopoeia

    [Blog] Good Language Skills: the Most Ne…
  2. %e3%81%82%e3%81%82%e3%81%82

    Author: Yukadon

    [Blog] 7 Surprising Events at Japanese C…
  3. Interview for job at Japanese company

    Author: Yukadon

    Job Interview: Reverse Questions
  4. taylor-8-103_thumbnail

    Author: Valerie

    Shichi-Go-San: A Fall Festival for Child…
  5. 34039981190_0dbd3ddbf9_z

    Author: Bill

    [Blog] Making a Career in Japan