1. Author: M.Kok

    Coming of Age Day

    The first public holiday of the year is the 'coming of age day' or the Seijin no hi(成人の日). This year it falls on the tenth of January. People get to enjoy the first long weekend of the year,…

  2. Author: M.Kok

    Shinnenkai – New year party in Japan

    With the start of the year in Japan come the Shinnenkai or 新年会, parties. Shinnen…

  3. Living in Japan

    Last-minute Present ideas for your Dev friends

    The present-giving time of the year has come around again. Even though the Chris…

  4. Author: M.Kok

    What should Devs eat?

    If there is talk of nutrition and the IT profession, most people think of the sa…

  5. Author: M.Kok

    The future of remote working in Japan

    Even in situations that seem inherently bleak, it sometimes helps to look for so…

  6. Author: M.Kok

    Github copilot what, how and why

    Not too long ago, Github got a new feature- the 'Github copilot'.If you are …

  7. Author: M.Kok

    The state of this year’s Japanese winter bonus

    In Japan, not just Christmas comes in December, but also the second yearly bonus…

  8. Author: M.Kok

    The quick guide to Japanese weddings

    Despite the Tsuyu, June is a popular month for weddings in Japan. You may have e…

  9. Author: M.Kok

    Japan immigration update

    Starting from this week, Japan will ease some of its travel restrictions.Japan…

  10. Author: M.Kok

    Tech meetups in Japan

    With the easing of emergency restrictions, public gatherings are possible again.…

  1. hot spring in japan, rock in onsen

    Author: TalentHub

    The Fun in Japan, Part 2 – Hot Spr…
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    [Update] 3 New Challenges Added! (10/7)
  3. Author: J.J.

    Belly Busting Burgers in Tokyo
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    [3/6]New Challenges have been updated!
  5. Japan's seasons - winter

    Author: Bill

    Japan’s Seasons – Winter