1. Author: M.Kok

    What should Devs eat?

    If there is talk of nutrition and the IT profession, most people think of the same thing first- Coffee.Although keeping yourself hydrated is vital(drinking coffee makes you lose water is…

  2. Author: M.Kok

    The future of remote working in Japan

    Even in situations that seem inherently bleak, it sometimes helps to look for so…

  3. Author: M.Kok

    Github copilot what, how and why

    Not too long ago, Github got a new feature- the 'Github copilot'.If you are …

  4. Author: M.Kok

    The state of this year’s Japanese winter bonus

    In Japan, not just Christmas comes in December, but also the second yearly bonus…

  5. Author: M.Kok

    The quick guide to Japanese weddings

    Despite the Tsuyu, June is a popular month for weddings in Japan. You may have e…

  6. Author: M.Kok

    Japan immigration update

    Starting from this week, Japan will ease some of its travel restrictions.Japan…

  7. Author: M.Kok

    Tech meetups in Japan

    With the easing of emergency restrictions, public gatherings are possible again.…

  8. Author: M.Kok

    Japan Vaccine passports

    After alleged pressure from the domestic business circles, the Japanese governme…

  9. Author: M.Kok

    Productivity tools for remote work

    Working from home, or any other place you like has become the new standard. Most…

  10. Author: M.Kok

    Common frustrations of IT specialists in Japan (Pa…

    Being an IT specialist is a fulfilling and fun trade, but there are times when i…

  1. Author: M.Kok

    Wearing a Mask
  2. Author: M.Kok

    The Unique Japanese Resume
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    Halloween in Japan and How to Celebrate
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    What’s luck got to do with it
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    A Helpful Guide for Skype Interviews