1. Author: M.Kok

    Travel Restrictions in Japan

    Current travel restrictions for JapanWith more and more vaccines developed and brought into use, it finally looks like the world might move forward just enough to restore some normality to…

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    What to do over the Golden Week?

    Golden Week is four national holidays (Bank holidays) huddled together into a se…

  3. Author: M.Kok

    Popular Apps of 2021 in Japan

    Japan can sometimes be so very different from the western world. But what about …

  4. Author: M.Kok

    Japanese Gestures

    Body language and facial expressions are a big part of communication, especially…

  5. Author: M.Kok

    COVID-19 Vaccines in Japan

    It finally looks like the pandemic might be on its way out. With more and more v…

  6. Author: M.Kok

    Japanese Working Hours ~2021 Edition~

    'What are the working hours in Japan?', has become somewhat of a loaded question…

  7. Author: M.Kok

    Japanese Sight Test

    You may have heard that it is difficult to get a job in Japan with a tattoo.It…

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    Differences between Universities in Japan and West…

    Differences between Universities in Japan and Western countriesPerhaps you hav…

  9. Author: M.Kok

    Valentine’s day in Japan

    Depending on your circle of friends, work environment and your gender, you may h…

  10. Author: M.Kok

    Is a quick job change still a stigma in Japan?

    You got hired or found a job at a Japanese company, but now you think about quit…

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