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  1. Maintaining Your Mental Health In Japan

    There has been a good deal of interest worldwide in recent years over the mental…

  2. How to Deal with Interview Nerves

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    The MBA and JAPAN – Changing Perceptions

    An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is easily the most popular and widely…

  4. Coming of Age Day - Japanese Style

    Coming of Age Japanese Style

    One of the most significant dates on the Japanese calendar is Coming of Age Day,…

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    3 Things to Consider When Writing Your CV

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  6. Japan's seasons - winter

    Japan’s Seasons – Winter

    Japanese people like to tell others that Japan has four seasons, a tendency whic…

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    Japanese Business Manners – First Impression…

    Over the years, I have witnessed any number of meet-and-greets between Japanese …

  8. Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan

    Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan

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  9. Holidays and Paid Annual Leave in Japan

    For foreign workers at Japanese companies, the chance to visit other parts of Ja…

  10. How To Develop Confidence in Japanese

    Are you struggling to master Japanese? Is lack of confidence in Japanese…

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    How To Develop Confidence in Japanese
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  4. Japan Stock Exchange closing ceremony Dainokai

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    What are Dainokai and Daihakkai?
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    5/29 NEW JOB: Web Programmer