Japanese Culture

Articles about Japanese culture including holidays, food, festivals, and more.

  1. Hatsumode Spots – Where to Spend New Year…

    Japan has many wonderful holidays that involve going to shrines and temples. For…

  2. The Past and Present of the Gift Kingdom, Japan

    Japan has the traditional culture of giving seasonal gifts to their relatives, f…

  3. “Bonenkai” – Party the Last Year Away

    The year-end “bonenkai” party is one of the major social events in Japanese cult…

  4. using hand gestures in Japan

    Nonverbal Communication in Japan

    There were communication before the first words were uttered. A hunter needed to…

  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/takoyaki_king/12150993763/

    Exploring the Tokyo of Yesteryear

    Tokyo is one of the most well known cities in the world. It’s mentioned in vario…

  6. hatch an idea, things invented in japan

    Japanese Inventions

    "What has been invented by the Japanese?" Have you ever wondered about this ques…

  7. Turn Up the Heat… with Ramen!

    I don't like ramen. Let me correct that: I don't like most ramen. Ramen to me is…

  8. sakura in bloom in minato mirai Yokohama

    Postcard from The Bluff, Yokohama

    There are many interesting places in Japan. I think I've said that more than onc…

  9. Matcha latte art

    Matcha Madness

    Nothing screams "Japanese" quite like hot cup of green tea. While sushi and samu…

  10. A 5 Minute Introduction to Religion in Japan

    Religion. It's a big topic, and it is a talking point no matter to what country …

  1. Author: TalentHub

    Keepin’ it 100 about difficulties you’ll…
  2. Author: Onomatopoeia

    Japanese Hot Springs
  3. new tech job posting in japan

    TalentHub News

    5/15 NEW JOB: Web Engineer
  4. apartment search in japan

    Author: Valerie

    Renting an Apartment in Japan
  5. The origin of otoshidama, Japan New Year gift

    Author: Yukadon

    What is the origin of “Otoshidama”?