Japanese Culture

Articles about Japanese culture including holidays, food, festivals, and more.

  1. Table manners, chopsticks, Japanese food

    Japanese Table Manners

    Living in Japan means eating Japanese food. Working for a Japanese com…

  2. All About Setsubun Matsuri and How to Participate

    Once the New Year festivities have come and gone, what is left but to wait for s…

  3. Coming of Age Day - Japanese Style

    Coming of Age Japanese Style

    One of the most significant dates on the Japanese calendar is Coming of Age Day,…

  4. Oomisoka fireworks New Year in Japan

    Do you know about “Oomisoka” (New Year’s Eve…

    As soon as Christmas is over, the Japanese begin preparation for the year-end an…

  5. The origin of otoshidama, Japan New Year gift

    What is the origin of “Otoshidama”?

    Why do Japanese give money to children in the New Year? What is the origin of “O…

  6. Everything you need to know about Osechi-ryori, Japanese New Years' food

    Everything You Need to Know About Osechi-Ryori

    New Year's is bound to introduce you to a number of Japanese customs and events …

  7. メリークリスマス Christmas ornaments

    Experience Christmas in Japan

    The Christmas season, it's that magical time of year. The time whe…

  8. Japan's seasons - winter

    Japan’s Seasons – Winter

    Japanese people like to tell others that Japan has four seasons, a tendency whic…

  9. Japan Stock Exchange closing ceremony Dainokai

    What are Dainokai and Daihakkai?

    Have you heard the word Dainokai or Daihakkai? Dainokai means the last trading d…

  10. Japanese New Year's Cards, from Izublog (Flickr)

    How to Write Japanese New Year’s Cards

    Japan has multiple customs dealing with New Year's. Many of these are …

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    Eye tests in Japan
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    Shopping and Shipping in Japan
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    My Experience of Learning to Drive in Ja…
  4. Living in Japan

    Playing Instruments in Japan
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