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[VIDEO] Episode 8 ~Career Change Diary~ Video Series

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Episode 8: How to leave the company

Follow this 10 episode series, taking you through each step of the job change process.

Pick up important phrases and work-related vocabulary along the way!

Point: 最近○○ですね。

This phrase is good for making an observation about a friend or coworker, to start a conversation about how they are doing lately.

For example:


退職する (たいしょく)
家庭 (かてい)の 事情 (じじょう)
自分 (じぶん)の 都合 (つごう)で 辞める (やめる)
直属 (ちょくぞく)の 上司 (じょうし)
引継ぎ (ひきつぎ)

Stay tuned for the next episode!

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