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  1. Table manners, chopsticks, Japanese food

    Author: J.J.

    Japanese Table Manners

    Living in Japan means eating Japanese food. Working for a Japanese com…

  2. Author: Bill

    How to Deal with Interview Nerves

    In a previous article on interviews for jobs in Japan, we looked at the kinds of…

  3. learn basic Japanese writing hiragana

    Author: Valerie

    Ways to Study and Learn Japanese

    Image credit: Bing Images.When the idea pops into your head that you want to…

  4. Photo by

    Author: Bill

    The MBA and JAPAN – Changing Perceptions

    An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is easily the most popular and widely…

  5. Author: Valerie

    All About Setsubun Matsuri and How to Participate

    Once the New Year festivities have come and gone, what is left but to wait for s…

  6. Japanese misunderstandings and language barriers

    Author: Valerie

    Misunderstandings & Language Barriers

    Looking back, there have been more misunderstandings between Japanese …

  7. Interview for job at Japanese company

    Author: Yukadon

    Job Interview: Reverse Questions

    Have you heard the term “reverse question?” This is when the interviewer, at the…

  8. vegetables-and-tomatoes-on-cutting-board-255501 from

    Author: J.J.

    Working Your Way Around Your Japanese Kitchen

    Living in a major city in Japan has its perks: easy commute, shops sel…

  9. Japanese high school students taking college entrance exam National Center Test

    Author: Yukadon

    College entrance exams from 2020 change like this.…

    The National Center Test for universities is held every mid-January. However, it…

  10. Author: Valerie

    A Helpful Guide for Skype Interviews

    When you plan on working remote (telecommuting) or finding a job overseas, you o…

  1. Author: Onomatopoeia

    [Blog] Some Steps You Should Take To Qui…
  2. Author: Yukadon

    [Blog] Current status and ideal state of…
  3. Author: TalentHub

    [Blog] The Confusing Japanese office
  4. Author: J.J.

    Finding a Date in Japan

    Author: J.J.

    Exploring the Tokyo of Yesteryear