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  1. hot spring in japan, rock in onsen

    Author: TalentHub

    The Fun in Japan, Part 2 – Hot Springs

    The hot spring or onsen as it is called in Japanese is naturally hot water warme…

  2. Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan

    Author: Bill

    Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan

    In our recent article about paid leave in Japan, we mentioned the importance of …

  3. Author: Valerie

    Popular Apps in Japan

    The world is now connected via electronic waves and satellite tethers. Anywhere …

  4. Author: Valerie

    Shichi-Go-San: A Fall Festival for Children

    Japan has dozens of holidays that are quite unlike anything I have eve…

  5. Author: Bill

    Holidays and Paid Annual Leave in Japan

    For foreign workers at Japanese companies, the chance to visit other parts of Ja…

  6. Author: J.J.

    What I Learned in My First Year in Japan

    I still remember that day not so long ago: two large suitcases, a gym …

  7. Author: Bill

    How To Develop Confidence in Japanese

    Are you struggling to master Japanese? Is lack of confidence in Japanese…

  8. Author: Valerie

    Halloween in Japan and How to Celebrate

    The spookiest holiday known as Halloween may be a cornerstone of cel…

  9. Interviews

    Interview: Henrik Oesterman on Working Overseas

    Searching for a job can be stressful in the best of circumstances, but add in la…

  10. Author: J.J.

    Japan’s History of Fried Food

    Various fried foods at a supermarketFried food is everywhere in Japan. I…

  1. Author: M.Kok

    Valentine’s day in Japan
  2. Author: M.Kok

    Popular Apps of 2021 in Japan
  3. learn simple Japanese from this video

    Japanese for Work Videos

    [VIDEO] Japanese for Work – Is it …
  4. TalentHub News

    [11/4] We are going to give out the awar…
  5. Japanese Culture

    [Blog] A Short Introduction into the Jap…