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  1. Author: TalentHub

    Side Job in Japan

    These days, we often hear this word; "Fukugyo" or side job. Probably, side job h…

  2. Author: TalentHub

    Japan’s Top Trending Words of 2019

    Happy New Year! Hope you got to spend a lovely time with your loved ones. Ev…

  3. Author: TalentHub

    3 Delicious Chocolate Snacks to Eat During Work

    It's no exaggeration to say that the most popular snack in the world is chocolat…

  4. Author: J.J.

    Why Convenience Stores are So Convenient

    If there was one thing that really surprised me when coming to Tokyo, it was the…

  5. Author: TalentHub

    Why all the Japanese students are being same looki…

    Around spring, we find a large number of same looking students everywhere: black…

  6. Author: TalentHub

    What is “Web (Online) Test”?

    If you have experienced a job search in Japan, you might have heard this word, "…

  7. Author: TalentHub

    Tapioca is booming in Japan

    When walking around outside, you will find there are many babble tea shops nowad…

  8. Author: J.J.

    How to Extend Your Japanese Visa Part II

    In the last entry, we delved into the paperwork involved to extend your work vis…

  9. Author: J.J.

    How to Extend Your Japanese Visa Part I – Getting …

    There comes a time in every foreign resident’s life where their visa expires. Fo…

  10. Author: J.J.

    Making Friends in Japan

    Making friends as an adult isn’t easy. When we were in school we spent a good de…

  1. Author: Bill

    Employment For Ryugakusei In Japan
  2. new tech job posting in japan

    TalentHub News

    5/15 NEW JOB: Web Engineer
  3. Author: M.Kok

    Fun staying in
  4. Author: Bill

    How To Develop Confidence in Japanese
  5. Author: M.Kok

    The New Coronavirus Payout