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  1. Author: M.Kok

    How to do better at online interviews

    Online interviewing might be a relatively new thing, but by the look of the rece…

  2. Author: M.Kok

    Working from home

    With the leap of technological advancement and the advent of new job opportuniti…

  3. Author: M.Kok

    Fun staying in

    This is a time where the ultra-introverts among us really come to shine. For eve…

  4. Author: TalentHub

    What You Do, Affects Others

    Though the Japan along with many other countries were some of the first coun…

  5. Living in Japan

    Playing Instruments in Japan

    It has become more than common for a person to have experienced playing an i…

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    5 Japanese Teen Slangs

    Teenagers are experts in creating new words. If you listen closely at Japanese t…

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    How Interviewers Check Your Personality

    There are many aspects about Japanese interviews that make them comparativel…

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    What’s the Benefit of Working in Japan?

    If you're reading this article, you're more or less curious about working in Jap…

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    The Rise of Uber Eats

    Food delivery services have always been a thing, some more in specific count…

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    The Secret to Nailing Your Next Interview

    Company after company. You go into these interviews, but end up finding your…

  1. Author: M.Kok

    What to do over the Golden Week?
  2. Author: Bill

    [Blog] Getting a Job in Japan – Ch…
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    Author: Bill

    The Need To Feed – Shopping for Gr…
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    “Why Japan?” Quick Interview…
  5. Japan's seasons - winter

    Author: Bill

    Japan’s Seasons – Winter