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  1. Author: Yukadon

    What are working hours in Japan?

    When working in a Japanese company, you may wonder about labor time. What are re…

  2. Matcha latte art

    Author: J.J.

    Matcha Madness

    Nothing screams "Japanese" quite like hot cup of green tea. While sushi and samu…

  3. popularity of Marvel comics in Japan

    Author: J.J.

    Getting Your Nerd On: American Comic Book Life in …

    I love comic books. Reading comics is my favorite way to pass the time on the lo…

  4. Author: J.J.

    3 English Skills You Might Need as a Bilingual in …

    Being bilingual is fun. Just saying you're bilingual intrigues others because it…

  5. write a good cover letter for a job in Japan

    Author: Yukadon

    How to Write a Great Message for Your Online Job A…

    There are many opportunities to exchange emails with companies during job huntin…

  6. Author: J.J.

    A 5 Minute Introduction to Religion in Japan

    Religion. It's a big topic, and it is a talking point no matter to what country …

  7. Author: J.J.

    Belly Busting Burgers in Tokyo

    If you have read some of my blog posts, you know I enjoy food history and cookin…

  8. how to use your Japanese health insurance

    Author: Bill

    Seeing A Doctor Or Dentist In Japan

    As you might expect, the Japanese have a very well developed healthcare system p…

  9. Author: Yukadon

    13 Flavors of KitKat Found Only in Japan

    Reference source: Japan, the l…

  10. Photo credit:

    Author: J.J.

    The Quirks of Spoken Japanese

    Many times, as an obviously native English speaker, Japanese will want to wow yo…

  1. red and white bean paste cakes

    Author: J.J.

    Wagashi: The Tastes of Japanese Sweets
  2. Author: Valerie

    How to Write a Japanese Resume
  3. Author: Yukadon

    [Blog] Reasons Why Japanese Companies Wa…

    Author: J.J.

    Exploring the Tokyo of Yesteryear
  5. hatch an idea, things invented in japan

    Author: Yukadon

    Japanese Inventions