Author: M.Kok

What should Devs eat?

If there is talk of nutrition and the IT profession, most people think of the same thing first- Coffee.

Although keeping yourself hydrated is vital(drinking coffee makes you lose water is a myth), you can’t just live off coffee(I am sure many of you have tried). Here are some food tips that help to balance the demanding work life of the modern IT professional.


Getting the most energy out of fats is ideal. It helps with avoiding the energy dump that comes with sugary foods and carbohydrates. The best fats are that are readily available(especially in Japan)are in the fish. Fry it, grill it or eat it raw. Whatever you like, omega three does good. Alternatively, you can get similar benefits from eating various nuts.

Eating lots of fish also helps with eye strain, making it a win-win.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help with eye health too. A plant-rich diet is said to reduce the strain on your digestive system. And help your body to maintain the right gut bacteria balance.

Extra vitamins

Vitamin D is the big one. It is a fact that programmers never experience sunlight, so you need to get the vitamin from food. Other than Fish and Mushrooms, eggs have a good amount of vitamin D.


Coffee, yes, obviously. But no, what if I told you that you could have the benefits of caffeine in a magic drink that supposedly reduces many forms of cancer, makes you lose weight, boosts your brainpower and makes your breath smell nice? Green tea. But really, most variations of Japanese green tea are rich in various nutrients. There is credible research that suggests(if not proves)the many benefits drinking green tea has.


Not coffee or tea or energy drink, just water itself to keep you hydrated and not waste too much money on drinks everyday!


As important as food is, it is sometimes not enough. You need exercise too. Chatting away during that one weekly yoga class you go to might not be enough. You want at least twenty minutes a day of something that raises your heart rate.


Sitting in front of the computer, all day, every day. Eating crisps and drinking coffee. It is not good, is it? Like with most things in life using common sense usually works. Get enough exercise, rest and eat a balanced diet. Sometimes deadlines get in the way of things, and you can’t go for a twenty-minute jog and have an acai bowl afterwards. For times like these, plan ahead. Have a bag of nuts at your workstation or/and make a habit of resting enough before work turns hectic.

Building a good routine will keep you healthy and strong for the times you have to go all night on coffee and chocolate.

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