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3 Delicious Chocolate Snacks to Eat During Work

It’s no exaggeration to say that the most popular snack in the world is chocolate. In Japan, there are a variety of chocolate, and we can purchase them at a grocery stores, convenience stores, and even at some pharmacies. Most of the products are less than ¥300. Japanese chocolate snacks are popular among foreigners because of its deliciousness and cheapness. We often hear that many foreigners buy large amounts of Japanese chocolate snacks before they go back to their country! Not only these chocolate snacks are eaten by kids, many adults eat them during their work to refresh their head. In this article, we focus on the 3 popular and delicious Japanese chocolate snacks. Let’s take a look!

  1. アルフォート(Alfort)

This long-seller product has been loved for over 25 years. The combination of chocolate and biscuit is not so special, but mild flavor of chocolate and crunchy biscuit are really stunning. We can enjoy three types of products:アルフォートミニチョコレートシリーズ(Alfort mini chocolate series), アルフォートミニチョコレートプレミアムシリーズ(Alfort mini chocolate premium series), and アルフォートシリーズ(Alfort series). The first one has dozen of chocolates and can choose from 4 flavors (original, vanilla white chocolate, bitter chocolate, or maple chocolate). The second one also has dozen of chocolates and can choose from 2 flavors (strawberry chocolate or hazelnut chocolate). The last one is assorted series and has a bigger size of chocolates. Since it is already divided into pieces, it is easy to eat with one hand and continue working with another.

2. meiji THE Chocolate

The stylish package makes this chocolate something special. This product won many chocolate awards and a lot of first-class chefs praised its tastiness. This high-quality chocolate gave a big impact on the chocolate industry soon after it has been sold. Currently, 4 flavors are available (comfort bitter, elegant bitter, velvet milk, or sunny milk) and all the products have 3 pieces of chocolate.

On the back of the package, you can find a chart of the flavor’s taste as the picture shows. You would have to break the sheet into smaller pieces, so you would have to stop your work and concentrate on eating. Also, this chocolate is a bit more expensive than the other 2 products, but if you are a chocolate lover, it’s definitely worth buying.

3. ポッキー(Pocky)

This worldwide chocolate snack has a long history (over 50 years!) and still, known as one of the most famous chocolate products. What differentiates from other products is its design. Most of the stick is covered with chocolates and not to be sticky fingers, the lower part is non-covered. It’s said this figure is derived from kushikatsu (串カツ) which is Japanese traditional fried food. Thankful to this non chocolate covered part, it makes it really easy to eat while working. You don’t have to take your eyes off the PC screen, all you have to do is reach our for the non chocolate covered biscuit part. Before you know it, you’ll eat the whole package! The producting company of Pocky established a Pocky Day, which date is November 11th.  It’s because the shape of Pocky resembles the number “1” . Every year, you can get a pocky cheaper than usual on this day. The picture’s one is a little bit thick, but thin, crunchy, and seasonal flavor’s pocky are also available.

Only three products are introduced here, but actually, there are a lot more chocolate snacks sold in convenience stores and grocery stores that are eaten during work. Of course, it’s good to go to chocolate shops, but if you want to save money, how about visiting convenience stores and enjoy cheap but tasty chocolate as to refresh your head?

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