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Give an Overview About Your Project – Video Quiz

How should you explain your experience at your past job?

a) Give an overview about a project
b) Talk about your role within a project.

In this case, the correct answer would be A.

Point: Give an Overview About the Project

Subtitles in Japanese and English are available. How to turn on captions

Try ordering it like the following:

    1. Project Overview
    2. Your role
    3. Development Environment
    4. What programming languages used

As much we all want to talk about how our efforts, it’s a lot easier for the interviewer to get an idea of everything if you give them an overview about the project, then how you contributed to it.
The following is a bad example.


Throughout the interview, another question that might pop up is why you changed your career.

Would you…

a) Explain your career goals
b) Explain your problems you had in your previous job

Rest assured. The answers are all in our YouTube videos. Check those out or stay tuned for another post!

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