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Explain Your Dreams and Goals – Video Quiz

When asked about why you changed your career…

Do you either A) explain how your previous boss made your life miserable or B) explain your career goals?

The answer is simply B.

Point: Explain Your Career Goals

Follow along while watching the video!
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Try to explain how you want to better yourself to achieve your goals. Then expand on how working at the company will help you with these goals of yours, and specifically state why you want to work there.

A bad example would be something like the following.


Although you may have been on bad terms with the people at your past company, talking about it only leaves a negative aftertaste. Talking about the future will show you aren’t dwelling over the past and striving for a better future.

After a while, the interviewer might get into the specifics. He/she might ask you what skills or experience you want to use at their company.

Do you…

a) vaguely outline what you plan on doing
b) give a detailed explanation

Can you figure it out? Check out our videos to see if you’re correct!

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