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Briefly Sum Up Your Career – Video Quiz


We went over how to greet your interviewer. But how do you introduce yourself in a interview?
Do you…

a) talk about your personal life
b) sum up your career in a couple of sentences

If you chose B, you’re correct!

Point: Briefly sum up your career

Try following along with the video! Subtitles in Japanese and English are available. How to turn on captions

Once asked for an introduction, restate your name and follow up with a very brief explanation of your career. Emphasis on “brief“. Try to keep it under 2 minutes– nobody wants to hear you recite your entire resume. Think of it like a movie trailer. Instead of giving everything away, just show them sneak peaks.

What not to do, is to talk about personal things.

There’s really no reason for you to talk about how you enjoy long walks on the beach and Starbucks in the morning. Let’s stay focused on what you’re truly there for.

After explaining your career a bit, your interviewer will start asking about the specifics. Like shown in the video, you may be asked what you did at your first company.

Do you start by…

a) Giving an overview about a project
b) Talking about your role within a project

This is something that sounds like could go both ways. Which would you choose?

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