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[VIDEO] Japanese for Work – Making Requests 依頼する編 Part 1

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Do you want to get a job in Japan? You can improve your Japanese to help make that a reality!

We hope that you can use these videos for practical learning. Each video is a collection of tips that will be useful in your job and life in Japan! Listen, watch and practice along with us, and surely your Japanese will make significant progress!

In this video, learn useful phrases to ask someone to do something.

Point: ○○ください。

In place of ○○, you can insert the request.

For example:

Try to making some sentences to ask for different things!

*You may have noticed, ください is normally preceded by a verb in the te-form. In the 2nd example sentence, however, the verb is conjugated in an extra polite form. You may not use this form very often, but you will hear it a lot so you should be able to recognize the meaning.

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