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Requiring a Slightly Higher Income – Video Quiz

Sometimes its’s hard to decide what to say when asked how much you want to earn

Compared to your previous or current job, do you either
a) require a slightly higher annual income
b) require a much more higher annual income

The answer in this case is A!

Point: Require a Slightly Higher Annual Income

Follow along while watching the video!
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Annual income at times can play a huge role when the company considers hiring you or not. Asking for a lot might not be the smartest way out, and you might get a negative reaction from your interviewer as shown in the video below.


You’re finally at the end of the interview. Like any other type of interview, they usually ask you whether you have any questions or not.

What would you do?

a) ask some questions
b) ask nothing

You’re almost there! Check out our videos to see if you’re correct!

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