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Standing Up When Greeting Your Interviewer – Video Quiz

You landed an interview! Great–but now what?

Learn important interview manners and language through our choose-your-own-adventure style video quiz. If you choose wrong, you’ll have to go back and pick again. However, you’ll be able to see exactly what not to do when it’s time for your interview with a Japanese company.

Point: Stand up when greeting your interviewer

Follow along while watching the video!
Subtitles in Japanese and English are available. How to turn on captions

Though it may seem like a hassle, when your interviewer first enters the room, make sure to get up from your seat and bow. Rather than shaking hands like in the States, in Japan, bowing is a sign of respect.

Staying seated can not only come off as disrespectful, but makes you appear unmotivated.

Once you’ve mastered this simple manner, you’re good to go. But don’t get ahead of yourself too much. The real hurdles of an interview in Japan only begins here.

After greeting your interviewer, you’ll be asked to give a brief introduction. But what in the world do you say?

Do you…

a) talk about your personal life
b) sum up your career in a couple of sentences

Can you figure it out? Check out our videos to see if you’re correct!

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