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Telling Your Vision Specifically – Video Quiz

When asked about how you plan on applying your experience and skills…

Do you either
a) vaguely outline what you plan on doing
b) give a detailed explanation

The answer is…B!

Point: Tell Your Vision Specifically

Follow along while watching the video!
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The key in all interviews to be specific when talking about your plans. For example, as shown in the video, say things such as:

I would like to join the project of the main system as an engineer.”

But every claim needs something to back it up. Explain your experience from past job. For instance, you could say something like:

I used to work as a leader, so I want to use that experience through making plans or managing the team.”

Explaining how you tend on applying your experience helps the interviewer understand your visions.

A bad example would be something like the following.


If you speak too vaguely about your plans, you may come off as somebody who has no idea with what they’re doing with their life. Probably not somebody a person a company would want to hire.

At this point, you’ve gone through most of the interview leaving you with only one final question.

How much do you want to earn?

Oh boy. Money can be a touchy subject at times. In this would you…

a) require a slightly higher annual income than your current (or previous) job
b) require a much more higher annual income than your current (or previous) job

Can you figure it out? Check out our videos to see if you’re correct!

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