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13 Flavors of KitKat Found Only in Japan

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Nestle Japan, the leading food company, has opened its 7th chocolate boutique in Japan after selling the treat in the country for 45 years. Because the chocolate confection “KitKat” is very popular with visitors to Japan, this news became a hot topic in Nestle’s home country, Switzerland, and the UK where KitKat was first invented.

This time I will introduce “limited edition flavors” and “regional flavors” of KitKat popular not only in Japan but also abroad.

Limited Edition Flavors

KitKat Mini Baked Ice Cream

kitkat-mini-baked-ice-creamThe flavor is enhanced by baking KitKat in a toaster oven.

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KitKat Mini Red and White Package

kitkat-mini-red-and-white-packageRed and white package lets you can enjoy two tastes. It is an auspicious product that is perfect for cheering on students.

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KitKat Mini Frozen Delicious Strawberry Cheesecake

kitkat-mini-frozen-delicious-strawberry-cheesecakeSuggestion for enjoying chocolate in the summer: freeze a strawberry cheesecake KitKat in the freezer and eat it! Please enjoy the crispy texture, cooling taste, and rich strawberry cheesecake flavor!

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Japan Only Flavors (Regional Series)

KitKat has “regional flavor series” which cannot be purchased without going to the specific area, even within Japan.

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Shinshu Apple

kitkat-shinshu-appleShinshu apples are grown with pure water under a clear sky in Shinshu. The refreshing flavor and sweetness is gently wrapped with milk chocolate along with a fragrant wafer.

Tokyo Rum Raisin

kitkat-tokyo-rum-raisinRum raisins make a unique flavor into tasty chocolate, mixed with crushed biscuits and finished in a fashionable taste.

Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake

kitkat-yokohama-strawberry-cheesecakeStrawberry-flavored cream cheese is sandwiched by a wafer, and then wrapped with cheese-flavored white chocolate.

Shizuoka Prefecture and Kanto Region Wasabi (Horseradish)

kitkat-shizuoka-prefecture-and-kanto-region-wasabi-horseradishThe famous Tamaruya Honten store, beloved by people mainly in Shizuoka, and KitKat collaborate for a wasabi flavor. Enjoy the exquisite harmony of carefully selected hon-wasabi’s elegant hotness and mellow sweetness of white chocolate.

Tokai and Hokuriku Region Azuki Beans Sandwich

kitkat-tokai-and-hokuriku-region-azuki-beans-sandwichThis comes from the classic menu of coffee shops in the Tokai region: ogura (bean paste) toast. Taking hints from the original taste, a bean paste cream is sandwiched with a fragrant wafer and wrapped in milk chocolate.

Kyoto Uji Matcha (Green Tea)

kitkat-kyoto-uji-matcha-green-teaUjicha tea leaves were thoroughly kneaded to make uji matcha powder, and combined to flavor the chocolate. Enjoy mellow white chocolate spreading fluffily in your mouth and the harmony with fragrant green tea.

Kyoto Uji Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea)

kitkat-kyoto-uji-hojicha-roasted-green-teaEnjoy the combination of white chocolate with elegant and savory hojicha spreading in your mouth.

Hiroshima Momiji Manju

kitkat-hiroshima-momiji-manju“Momiji manju” is one of the representative confectionaries of Hiroshima Prefecture. This taste was realized under the supervision of the original founder of momiji manju “Takatsudo.”

Kyushu Region Amaou Strawberry

kitkat-kyushu-region-amaou-strawberry“Amaou” is a breed of strawberries grown in Fukuoka. The rich strawberry flavor is gently wrapped in white chocolate, together with fragrant wafers.

Okinawa and Kyushu Region Beniimo (Purple Yam)

kitkat-okinawa-and-kyushu-region-beniimo-purple-yam“Beniimo” features vivid colors that are popular in the Okinawa and South Kyushu region.

KitKat popularity in Japan

In addition to the above, there are also some unique types such as “Japanese sake” flavor. More than 300 kinds of KitKat have been released so far in Japan. This is not only exciting for Japanese people, who can discover new flavors by traveling around the country, but of course for visitors to Japan as well.

Regarding the popularity of Japanese KitKat flavors among visitors, Nestle Japan responds, “foreign people are familiar with the brand, but they can buy unknown and unique flavors only in Japan.” Among the various tastes, the sweet and bitter matcha (green tea) flavor seems to be the most popular.

Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the KitKat market is likely to expand even further. If you have the opportunity to come to Japan, please find your favorite KitKat by all means.

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