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Game ideas for online parties

Because of the way the world is right now, online drinking parties are still somewhat in fashion. Many app options work with even poor internet connections. But even if you get the video and audio sorted out, the biggest (what probably is the biggest) obstacle to enjoying online parties is still there.

The ‘One person talks and everyone else listens’ problem. With physical get-togethers, pockets of conversation form, and everyone gets a chance to interact organically. It is not doable with online parties just yet. The advancement of VR technology might make it possible soon, but till then, we have to find ways to adapt and enjoy the options we have available now.

Defeat awkward pauses and having to pass the presenter/speaker role around with games. Here are some ideas.

Games you need nothing to play

Everyone who has ever moved bars in a group knows how difficult it is to marshal people around. Getting everyone to go to the same website or download the same app is similarly tricky.


Charades is a guessing game where one(or more)people use gestures and facial expressions to act out a word or a phrase as the group guesses what it is. The topic can be anything from movie titles to your favourite brand of instant noodles.


It is basically just that- questions. The group takes turns to ask each other original questions. Adjust the number of questions to the size of the party.

Just make sure the questions are original, and you are bound to have a few surprising answers.

Games you need a little Equipment for

Games with minimal equipment. Like something to write with and on.


It is another guessing game where one person draws something, and the others guess what it is. You also have several options to play it online.


One or more people play the role of the quiz moderator, and the others answer. There is a lot of example questions online.

App Games

Apps or games you play on top of the video call. Depending on the devices everyone uses, some apps games might not be compatible or run too slow. But if you can get everyone to play the same game/use the same app, it can be heaps of fun.

Among Us/Werewolf

Different games, but the concept is similar. It is a game where the group works together to find the impostor/werewolf. You have to use reason, lie, and literally(in the game) stab the other players in the back.

There are several versions of the werewolf. Not all of them are free to play.

‘Among Us’ is free to play. You get it from the android or apple store. Then create your own ‘Room’, and share the room code with your friends.  It is easy when everyone has two devices available. Like, have to video call on your computer and use your smartphone to play the game.

Any online game

Just play any online game.

Drinking games

If you are all responsible adults, you might like to play a drinking game.

Never have I ever

A classic drinking game. You all put up any number of fingers(for most, the limit is ten). Then ask questions, like ‘Have you ever slept in a children’s playground ball pit as an adult?’ or ‘Have you ever wrestled with a large wild animal?’ And whenever the answer is yes, the person has to put a finger down and drink. Whoever has the fingers down first loses and has to drink. Or depending on the questions, has had an adventurous life and is a winner.

Would you rather

Originally a drinking game, that can also be played as just a game. The group has to come up with deep, thought-provoking questions.

Like ‘Who has the mightier magic, unicorns or leprechauns?’ or ‘Milk before or after the tea.’ You debate, and the losing side has to drink.


Right now, it might not be possible to go and see your friends in person. But you can learn how to enjoy online parties. Make the best of what we have now, and instead of thinking of what you might not be able to do at the moment, do the things you can. Like, play games together with drinks or not. Just make sure you enjoy yourself responsibly.

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