Japanese work

  1. Author: M.Kok

    Japanese Working Hours ~2021 Edition~

    'What are the working hours in Japan?', has become somewhat of a loaded question…

  2. Author: M.Kok

    Japanese Sight Test

    You may have heard that it is difficult to get a job in Japan with a tattoo.It…

  3. Japanese Culture

    Autumn In Japan

    The colours are changing into vibrant reds and yellows, and what was unbearable …

  4. Author: M.Kok

    English Level in Japan

    According to this year's 'English Proficiency Index', Japan is at the 53rd place…

  1. Author: Bill

    How to Deal with Interview Nerves
  2. Author: Yukadon

    [Blog] How to Take the Best ID Photo for…
  3. Author: M.Kok

    Wearing a Mask
  4. Author: J.J.

    Japan’s Café Craze
  5. Author: J.J.

    Postcard from the Yokosuka Naval Base