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4/19 NEW JOB: Android Application Engineer

Job description

Contribute to the development of new services, bringing your own ideas to the table during planning, creation, and release of applications.

Planning, development and implementation of internal services, directing, bug fixing, etc


[Required skills/experience] 
・More than one year’s experience developing native Android applications which cooperate with web API
・More than 2 years’ web application development experience
・Conversational Japanese ability
・Currently residing in Japan

[Desirable skills/experience]
・Willingness to use Kotlin
・Experience with Google Play Store releases
・Experience developing web applications
・Internet/global trends savvy
・Interest in web service/smartphone application development
・Keeping up to date on new technology, proactive

■Years of Experience : 2 years


Company Undisclosed
Annual Income 4,000,000円 ~ 6,000,000円
Location Tokyo

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