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Welfare in Japanese IT companies

Working in Japan has many benefits. One of which is the actual employment benefits plan all full-time employees get. You will get health insurance, pension, paid leave and various allowances. The usual ones are transportation and meal allowances. But many companies also offer moving bonuses and family support like marriage, child, funeral. 

All this is, of course, separate from the (usually) bi-annual salary bonus.

But since the IT market can get competitive and there is a shortage of IT professionals in Japan, most companies have their own welfare systems. Think extra perks. 

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Regular events

Maybe you have already heard about Japanese business etiquette. And how in the golden-olden times you were supposed to go to company drinking parties not to come over as impolite. Well, those times are (mostly) gone. 

Instead, you get seasonal parties like Christmas and New Year.

And to keep the current aces and future prospects motivated, special events. Think family-friendly BBQs and all you can eat pizza parties. 

If you already have experience working in Europe or the States, you might be familiar with the ‘Taco Fridays’. In-office treats you get on certain days. It can be anything from simple tea and biscuits to boutique sweets. 

The more practical

With all that is happening with the economy and the job market, it is hard to blame one for being a little cynical. Maybe you want to spend your spare time with your family and friends rather than a company function. Or maybe you don’t even like pizza that much.  

No worries, some companies will go out of their way to help you get your mind off some of life’s trivialities. 

There are positions that come with options like easy access to nurseries, dry cleaners, fitness gyms and recreational facilities. 

Special Health Care

Most Japanese companies offer a yearly basic health check. But some companies beef this up to a full head to toe medical check. That, in some cases, is even bi-annual. 

Another cool thing the more modern-minded companies offer is mental health care. 

A popular example is to have days for service dogs trained to give anxiety relief. Once a week or so, the dog handlers and the PSDs (psychiatric service dogs) visit the companies and spend time with the workers. 

Flexible working hours and remote work

The big one. 

As an IT professional, the ability to work remotely is probably the most sought after ‘Perk’. There’s good news and more good news. 

Modern Japanese companies are constantly trying to improve by creating the best, most productive environment for their workers. Various studies and the conditions caused by the C-word- you must be so bored of hearing by now, show that working out of the office is the most productive method for (most) IT specialists. 

It is likely that the company you want to work for already has this figured out and, working from home or a place of your liking, is very much on the table. 

If you are happy to go to the office but would like to do it a little later or a little earlier, no problem. Most Japanese companies have a thing called flex-time. You can avoid the peak travel times by shifting the start/end of your workday.


Working as an IT professional in Japan is not too different from working for a top European or American company. You get all the benefits the labour law grants you. And to make the position and the work environment more appealing a little extra. It differs from company to company, but there are many great options. 

If you struggle to find something on your own, get a recruitment agency to help you. I know a great one, can you guess which?


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