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Last-minute Present ideas for your Dev friends

The present-giving time of the year has come around again. Even though the Christmas holidays are done differently in Japan, you might still work for an international company or a modern Japanese one that allows or even encourages Christmas presents. Maybe your company even does a form of mystery Santa bag.

Looking for presents is exciting, but not always easy. What do you get for a colleague or a friend who is a Dev?
Here are some contemporary gift ideas for people who work in the IT industry.

Gym membership

Sitting behind a computer all day does not do much for fitness. To remedy that, Christmas is the ideal time to gift a gym membership (or coupons for fitness courses).

With this gift, you will help beat both the new year fitness resolution rush and the extra Christmas dinner calories.

And various studies show how exercising can help with concentration, which is one of the main attributes of an IT professional.

Noise-cancelling earphones

Again, concentration. Deadlines are a common thing in the life of a Dev. That means that sometimes you have to be creative with work locations.
During a commute or in a busy coffee shop, noise-cancelling earphones help with focus.

Mini whiteboard

A mini whiteboard or something similar one can use for brainstorming. Sometimes it helps to get your eyes off the screen and engage a different part of your brain to find fresh ideas.

Paper and a pen do the job. But a whiteboard made out of recycled materials might be the more sustainable and modern option.

Keyboard or ergonomic laptop stand

If you spend the working day typing, a specialised keyboard or an ergonomic laptop stand will make a massive difference. A laptop stand helps you to keep a good posture. And a specialised keyboard will ease the stress on the wrists.

Acrylic Screen for sticky notes

Many devs like to stick notes on the edge of the screen as reminders or mind maps. Often there is not enough space, and the sticky notes become a mess you would expect to find in the basement of a conspiracy theorist.

A thin strip of acrylic screen attachable to the computer screen will fix that. Some variations even function as rulers or magnification glasses.

Laptop cleaner

Self-explanatory really. There are many options, from simple wipes to mini vacuum cleaners.

Something that helps with the strain of sitting

Having a job that involves sitting for extended periods is not the healthiest of lifestyles. An alternative to a regular office chair, like a balance ball, could help. Or get a computer stand that is adjustable to a standing height.

Massage machine

For that, ‘I sit behind the computer all day’ neck and shoulders. There are many options, from actual massage chairs to small carry around handheld devices.


Even industry veterans need to learn. A clever gift is to give a voucher for an online course.


There is always something practical or something that shows thought. But giving as well as receiving presents is meant to be fun. So make sure not to let the pressure of finding the right present ruin it. If none of the ideas work, cut out the suspense and ask the recipient what they want for Christmas.

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