1. Author: M.Kok

    How an Interview for a Job in Japan is not a presentation but a dialogue

    The interview is often the final and arguably, the most stressful step along the job search journey. After finding the right position and having your resume picked out (sometimes out of hund…

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    How to get an IT Job/Visa in Japan

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    How to get promoted in Japan

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    ‘Horenso’ what, why and how

    People who already work or are planning to find work in Japan are bound to encou…

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    What is a “Bonus”?

    One of the many benefits of working in Japan is getting a bi-annual bonus (賞与 or…

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    English Level in Japan

    According to this year's 'English Proficiency Index', Japan is at the 53rd place…

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    Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Infe…

    For the past few days, new recorded cases in Tokyo alone have been in the mid-hu…

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    Getting Through the Japanese Summer

    Japan is a country with four seasons. Autumn is colorful, winter (depending on t…

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    Common Japanese Interview Questions

    Acing the job interview is usually the final challenge of finding work in Japan.…

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    The Unique Japanese Resume

    Before starting to look for a job, it is a good idea to get a grasp on how the J…

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    5 Japanese Teen Slangs
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    Two Years In Japan
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    The New Coronavirus Payout
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    ‘Horenso’ what, why and how
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    Interview: Hoang Minh Nguyen – the…