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    What’s the Benefit of Working in Japan?

    If you're reading this article, you're more or less curious about working in Japan, aren't you? These days, we find many foreign workers everywhere and feel Japan is getting more and more po…

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    The Rise of Uber Eats

    Food delivery services have always been a thing, some more in specific count…

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    The Secret to Nailing Your Next Interview

    Company after company. You go into these interviews, but end up finding your…

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    Side Job in Japan

    These days, we often hear this word; "Fukugyo" or side job. Probably, side job h…

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    Japan’s Top Trending Words of 2019

    Happy New Year! Hope you got to spend a lovely time with your loved ones. Ev…

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    3 Delicious Chocolate Snacks to Eat During Work

    It's no exaggeration to say that the most popular snack in the world is chocolat…

  7. Author: J.J.

    Why Convenience Stores are So Convenient

    If there was one thing that really surprised me when coming to Tokyo, it was the…

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    Why all the Japanese students are being same looki…

    Around spring, we find a large number of same looking students everywhere: black…

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    What is “Web (Online) Test”?

    If you have experienced a job search in Japan, you might have heard this word, "…

  10. Author: TalentHub

    Tapioca is booming in Japan

    When walking around outside, you will find there are many babble tea shops nowad…

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    [12/16] 6 New Challenges Added!!
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    What are working hours in Japan?
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    “Why Japan?” Quick Interview…
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    Shopping and Shipping in Japan
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    5/29 NEW JOB: Web Programmer