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Tech Trends to Watch for in 2021

It is not easy to predict job market trends. Instead of going after trendy keywords or ‘corporate speak’ job titles that are ‘in’ at the moment, I believe it to be more constructive to look at sectors that are the most likely to keep growing (as they have).
After reading various articles and looking at different hiring statistics, these are roles which I believe will grow in demand over the next working year.


The need for security specialists is known to grow with technology. Be it network, data, system or cloud security, the need for talent in this field will only increase. Several Japanese recruitment agents also predict the increase of sales and pre-sales consultants in the cybersecurity field.


A similar career path to security, the need for database specialists, can only increase. Globally, the growth curve has been on the rise for years now. And the recent changes and modernization (despite a tad late) that are sweeping through Japanese companies mean that database administrators will grow in demand.

Cloud Specialists (Architects)

Because of the advent of remote work and many Japanese companies (usually the larger traditional ones) still being slow to adapt to the ‘new’ hybrid working environment, it is likely to become a priority to get the cloud computing and storage options to the modern standard. Therefore, there is likely going to be a lot of demand for cloud specialists.

Mobile Application Development

The use of smartphones will keep on growing till everyone has one. And since Japan is one of the countries at the forefront of 5G network, it opens the doors for new technology.
A lot of progress should happen in wireless healthcare, driverless vehicle technology and cloud computing.

Web Application Development

Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable to have a business without a proper web presence. What is standard for a webpage is also changing. For example, a web page with no ‘handheld device’ support or even ‘dark/night mode’ is considered not up to date.
Many companies will be looking to bridge the cap and hire web developers- a trend that is unlikely to go anywhere any time soon.

Artificial Intelligence

AI combined with machine learning has proven to be an extremely efficient and useful way to increase productivity and decrease costs.
There are numerous applications in image and speech recognition, medicine and navigation already, but there is a lot more potential in advertising and sales. There has always been a demand for AI experts, and it is only going to go up (Let’s hope there will be enough talent to keep the Judgment Day from happening.)


Ordering something online, like a cab or a new pair of trousers, as you talk to a friend or a relative over video chat, has been a part of our lives for some time. And now it also looks like remote work is finally here to stay. To do all of these things safely and well, you need most if not all the roles above. The industry has been moving in this direction for the past few years, and it is probably not going to change direction any time soon.


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