Author: J.J.

Software Engineer and Blogger at TalentHub
Usually coding, writing, or exploring Japan.

  1. Experience Spring in Japan

    Spring, it’s a time when the cold of winter gives way to warm winds. I…

  2. A Chocolate Lover’s Trip through Tokyo

    It's true!Japanese love sweets. Sweets are the usual choice as souvenirs for c…

  3. Japanese Table Manners

    Living in Japan means eating Japanese food. Working for a Japanese com…

  4. Working Your Way Around Your Japanese Kitchen

    Living in a major city in Japan has its perks: easy commute, shops sel…

  5. Experience Christmas in Japan

    The Christmas season, it's that magical time of year. The time whe…

  6. What I Learned in My First Year in Japan

    I still remember that day not so long ago: two large suitcases, a gym …

  7. Japan’s History of Fried Food

    Various fried foods at a supermarketFried food is everywhere in Japan. I…

  8. Experience – Autumn in Japan

    A mix of trees outside of Houkoku TempleIn Japan, autumn is consid…

  9. Staying Cool in the Summer: Go to the Movies

    It is that time of year: days are getting longer, businessman have swapped their…

  10. Ochanomizu : Instrument Heaven

    Many people in Tokyo probably don’t realize it but music is everywhere: convenie…

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