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IT Market/trend outlook for the rest of 2021 start of 2022

Progress often comes out of necessity. One of the good things about the way the world is right now is just that. Amongst all the other things that happened over the past year, progress in tech is one of the good ones. What is the outlook for the rest of the year, and what will the likely trends be?


The online security part in a tech trend article is like the weather forecast at the end of the news program. You know it’s coming, and you watch it. Even though sometimes it won’t live up to your expectations.

Super apps

Super apps might still be an Asian thing, but they are bound to spread globally soon.  A ‘Super App’ is like many apps in one. The most widely used ‘Super app’ in Japan is Line, and a merger brokered by a network provider with another big internet company has been in the works for two years now. If successful, it will possibly help Line break into the European and American market.

AI/Machine learning/Machine Vision

Artificial intelligence is one of the big ones. Many big tech companies are trying to develop more reliable ways to use computer vision/machine vision(MV). MV is not just for studying customer behaviour to increase sales. It can also help distribute vital resources and personnel like we have had to do over the past year in hospitals.

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality

Other than refinement in gaming and other forms of visual media, VR users can expect to get access to more online services and shopping options. Such as browsing in a virtual store or even having a doctor check your eyes and prescribe you a pair of glasses.


Faster internet does not only mean that you can watch cute animal videos quicker and in better quality. It also gives better storage options and helps with all the other trends mentioned in this article.

For example, faster data speeds mean that it’s easier for AI to access ‘Big Data’ in real-time and grow. With growing 5G options, automation and self-driving vehicle technology will grow as well. Hopefully, making it accessible for more people.


The main driving force at the moment seems to be 5G.  Faster connection speeds are already making us come up with new methods of data storage. It also helps with the progress of VR and various forms of automatization. There is still the problem of availability and cost. 5G is not available everywhere and probably won’t be for several years.

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